Jeremy Lamb 22 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2019)

I’m looking at the list right now, and I’m thinking Jeremy Lamb might be the most anonymous NBA player to be averaging 15 points per game this year. There are 71 such players; the only other ones who might be close are… Collin Sexton? He’s a rookie, so people should know about him. Malcolm Brogdon? People know him, but they might not know how much he’s scoring. With Lamb, if you asked the average NBA fan (we’re talking real fans, not ESPN-watching casuals) how much he was averaging, you’d get an answer around 10, I bet. If you even got an answer.

Playing in Charlotte does no one any favors. Kemba Walker doing what he’s doing now but doing it in New York would be a superstar. Lamb going to Boston and providing low-key scoring would have him heralded as a key piece to a championship contender. Instead, he gets to toil away in obscurity, receiving literally no recognition for his contributions to the Hornets.

I don’t count, when it comes to recognition, by the way. I’m talking recognition from major media outlets who matter. How much does it cost for a fawning article about how he’s changing the face of Charlotte basketball to be written about him? Does Bill Simmons do requests (or even still write articles anymore)? I bet Lamb can afford the price, and then people can start pretending that they always liked him while I sit over here and stew. I saw the video view counts. I know the truth.

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