Brandon Ingram 25 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

The buckets continue for Brandon “Brandumb Thingram” “Braindead Ingrandma” Ingram. This should be a familiar sight for Lakers fans: Ingram beasting and feasting after the All-Star break while the Lakers keep losing games. The only difference this year compared with the last two years is that there is a guy named LeBron James sulking around adding drama (with some major assistance from the media) to literally everything he touches.

I can’t be the only one who sorta misses the old Lakers back when it was just a bunch of youngsters trying to find their way in the NBA. When there was pressure, because it was still the Lakers and not like the Suns or something, but the pressure was light and manageable. When fun things were happening and chemistry was being built, when Nick Young was providing his own brand of cocaine-fueled mentoring.

Lots of those youngsters are still there, but it would’ve been cool to see them all shipped as a package deal to the Pelicans. Then they could keep the chemistry they had been working on and get out of the harsh glare of the LA spotlight. Ingram is doing great now, but with the ultimate green light in New Orleans? Oh man.

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