Luka Doncic 22 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

I was promised lobs from Luka Doncic to Dirk Nowitzki. Am the only one who remembers Doncic’s first interview after he got drafted where he said “Me and Dirk, it’s going to be Lob City”? I can’t find the clip of him saying it on YouTube, but that’s probably because his crack team of media handlers deleted them all because of much of a lie it turned out to be.

Understandably, as a senior citizen, it’s hard for Dirk to do stuff in the paint this year. He’s only made two interior shots all season, but that number would be higher if Doncic would just throw him some god-damn lobs. Simple. Pick-and-roll, Dirk’s rolling, but teams think he’s not going to go all the way to rim so they let their guard down, and BOOM. He’s dunking in all their faces.

Time is running out. The season is drawing to a close, and while Dirk hasn’t come out and said he’s retiring after the season, throwing lobs to him isn’t going to get any easier. Strike while the iron is hot. Make hay while the sun shines.

And if we can’t get Luka-to-Dirk lobs, can we at least get some Dirk-to-Luka lobs?

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