JaVale McGee 21 Points/7 Dunks Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

You can say what you want about the Lakers’ loss to the lowly Suns, which leaves the team having lost four of their last five, but if you happen to say something along the lines of “it was JaVale McGee’s fault that the Lakers lost,” then you’re wrong. Here’s the list of people and factors that I deem to be more at fault for th Lakers’ loss than McGee was (keeping in mind that I didn’t watch any of the game other than what was necessary to make highlight videos):

-Luke Walton AKA Puke Faulton: he’s so exposed right now. He only looked good as interim head coach in Golden State because he took a hands-off apparoch to his roster full of All-Stars.
-LeBron James AKA NoDefense Suckballs: a 27/9/16 line looks good on the surface, but these were empty stats. I know because if they weren’t empty, the Lakers would have won. Checkmate, LeBron nuthuggers.
-Brandon Ingram AKA Brandumb Thingram: again, 25 points looks nice, but he needed nine more shots than McGee to make the same amount of field goals (10/19 vs. 10/10). LOL SO BRANDUMB XD
-Reggie Bullock AKA Veggie Bullpoop and Kentavious Caldwell Pope AKA Kentaviass Caldbrick Poop: LeBron needs shooters who make shots, not shooters who miss shots.
-Lakers fans themselves: Lakers away games in Phoenix are supposed to be packed with Lakers fans, but I think I saw two or three Suns fans in attendance. That small amount of crowd support was all the Suns needed. Step up, Laker fans.

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