Mike Scott 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

It wasn’t too long ago that Mike Scott was hanging out on the fringiest fringes of the NBA. His final year in Atlanta, he was plagued by some sort of injury, only a year after being plagued by some sort of drug-related legal issue (a guy with emoji tattoos is a good candidate to have drug-related legal issues, but I digress). He barely played, sucked when he did play, and I thought that might be it for him.

But then the Wizards, sorry, the ‘Zards picked him up and he turned right back into his old self. He had a lot of sick scoring games with them, including a stretch where it seemed like he shot 80 percent from the field for a whole month. And, actually, I just looked it up and I wasn’t that wrong; 62 percent is almost 80, and he did that over fifteen games in December.

He hadn’t been quite as good for the Clippers, but now he’s on the 76ers where all he has to do is shoot threes and hope they go in. His other stats are nothing impressive, but he sure is getting up a lot of threes and making a lot of them too right now. Him being a good stretch four has some sort of implications for Philly’s playoff success, I think. They might still be regretting getting rid of Ersan Ilyasova, because he was such a key part to their late-season success last year, but don’t worry. He’s totally donezo now. Scott is way better. I wish I was being sarcastic.

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