Noah Vonleh 17 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2019)

A quick glance at Noah Vonleh’s game logs shows his last two games to be the best two-game scoring stretch of his career. 16 points last game, 17 points this game, one point better than when he scored 10 then 22 earlier this year. What I’m trying to get at here is that this is FACTUALLY the best offensive stretch of his entire career and you should be really frickin’ excited for him and for the entire city of New York who have pinned all their hopes on him (at least until Durant and Irving come over and start being weird together).

Noah Vonleh, to use the immortal words of Monta Ellis, have it all. He have the dunks. He have the jumpers. He have the post moves. Those are the three kinds of scoring you want from your bigman, and he have it all. Maybe the volume isn’t quite where you want it to be, but when you’re getting the next Chris Bosh, you have to be patient, because talent like that doesn’t just come into the league ready to go. It takes time to finesse the buckets out of the player. Unless you have Chris Bosh for real, and then he’s a beast right away.

Vonleh is part of a bigman rotation in New York that, without DeAndre Jordan due to injury, is one of the sweetest in the league. Not in terms of production or quality, but in terms of the amount of hype I have for them. Vonleh? Next Bosh. Luke Kornet? Next Porzingis. Mitchell Robinson? Next David Robinson. Henry Ellenson? Next Porzingis also. All four of those dudes are making me excited for Knicks basketball again. “Again”, as if I was ever excited for it in the first place. They’ve been dead to me since James “Flight” White failed to do any free-throw-line between-the-legs dunks in game.

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