Darren Collison 22 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2019)

You know the league is full to the brim with premiere point guard talent when an extremely solid guy on one of the best teams in the league gets literally no attention whatsoever.

And in case you were wondering, videos on DownToBuck’s Scrubarchive do not count as “attention”. They never did. I’m talking about real attention from real media outlets who are accredited and get access to locker rooms and stuff. And I’m also talking about from places outside of Indiana. Obviously the Pacers website is going to have some interviews or whatever, or maybe he’ll get a small article in Corn And Meth Daily, Indiana’s most widely-circulating newspaper. When it comes to the national media, it’s like he might as well not exist.

It doesn’t help that he’s averaging almost a career-low in points, even as his impact is just as good or maybe better than ever. Hard to get attention where there are dudes on bad teams who get to chuck their way to 15 or 20 points per game while not ever helping their team win. I don’t have anyone specifically in mind when I say this, but the point is, if Collison got to chuck like a maniac for a horrible team, he’d get at least a little bit of spotlight for it.

And if you think that he’s not good enough to just chuck his way to points, don’t forget that he now has a Harden-like-but-without-traveling stepback three in his game. If he can keep hitting that shot, that’s like 6 or 9 free points every game for him.

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