Jeff Teague 16 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (3/5/2019)

Jeff Teague is averaging 8.1 assists per game. If he hadn’t missed so many games this season, thus disqualifying him from the leaderboards, that would be good for third in the league. And heck, I think 39 games is enough, so let’s just say it: Teague is fourth in the league in assists per game (since we now have to include Chris Paul also). Only Russell Westbrook (10.7), Kyle Lowry (9.0) and Paul (8.3) are above him. Does that cook your noodle or what? I mean, yeah, he’s a former All-Star. But he’s also just Jeff Teague. Not someone really good or anything. Just Jeff Teague.

I’ve stated it before, but the only reason he gets so many assists is because he gets to play with the assist-sponge known as Karl-Anthony Towns. Other players benefit from playing with good scorers, but Teague’s the one who also has some very lenient home scorekeepers. Some of this assists are video are straight-up wack. You hear me? WACK. Even Nikola Jokic, king of home-cooked assists, would feel bad about those and head over to the scorer’s table to set the record straight.

Also, I like the subtle shade thrown at Teague near the end of this video. It’s not often that you hear home commentators go in on a player like that, however mild it may be. And now I’m wondering that if they’re willing to say that Teague maybe doesn’t bring it all the time, what have they been saying about Andrew Wiggins? Because that dude literally never brings it.

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