Luka Doncic 31 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

We are honestly way, way, WAY past the point of Luka Doncic being too good for my channel. That point was passed a long time ago. However, since he was not actually named an All-Star (except the All-Star of all of our hearts), my self-imposed rules say that I can’t remove him from my channel until the end of the season. If you’re a rookie, you get an automatic guaranteed one year of DTB eligibility, unless you make an All-Star team. That’s the rule and I’m not going to break it even though the high level of Doncic’s play pretty much flies in the face of everything this channel stands for.

You know how sometimes rules are named after the people who they are designed to affect? The Stepien Rule is one, named after the dumbass Cavs GM of old who traded a bunch of good draft picks for a bunch of totally garbage role-players who sucked. Now GM’s can’t trade first-round picks in consecutive years because of this loser who wouldn’t even be able to manage a fantasy basketball team without trading all his good players for Ryan Anderson and a moldy dorito.

Anyway, I got off topic there. That Stepien dude was such a moron that I feel like I’m the moron for not understanding his idiotic reasoning. The reason I bring him up is that I’m thinking there needs to be a new “Doncic Rule” for my channel. Here is the proposed wordage of the rule: “If a rookie averages twenty points per game at the All-Star break or any point thereafter, DTB is allowed to stop making highlight videos for that player, at DTB’s discretion.”

But do I even want to stop making Luka Doncic highlights? My free time screams “yes”, but my heart screams “no”.

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