Jabari Parker 20 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

It worries me how little the Wizards broadcast seemed to care about showing replays of Jabari Parker. He had some really aesthetically-pleasing dunks, but the exact level of aesthetic pleasure they offered couldn’t be accurately determined because there weren’t enough slow-motion replays from different angles to get a real feel for the dunks. The in-game broadcast angle only showcases a certain amount of the power, grace, and graceful power of these slammeroonis. That’s why I consider replays to be necessary for certain plays.

This is extra shameful becuse the Wizards’ commentators were actually getting mildly hyped for Jabari and his string of ten straight field goals without a miss. Normally the ‘Zards commentators are staid to a fault. They never get excited about anything. A nuke could be dropped right at center court and that boring old dude would probably say “Timeout Scott Brooks” and then just sit there in silence while the radiation vaporizes him.

What I’m saying is, this video could have been the perfect combination of artful replays and eager commentary, but we only get one of the two. That makes me upset at the lost potential. Sort of like Jabari’s entire career, honestly.

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