Moritz Wagner 11 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

Moritz “Der Götterdämmerung” Wagner seems to be drawing the ire of various Lakers players. First Lance Stephenson refuses to help him up after pushing him out of the way for a rebound that ended up going out of bounds, then LeBron James snubs his high-five after a turnover? No wonder the chemistry in LA sucks right now. Wagner is, like, the most positive person ever. Does he ever stop cheering on the bench? No. Ever since his college days, his energy for supporting his teammates has been relentless.

I can see why LeBron would be distrustful of him: Wagner looks too much like the monster named Dirk Nowitzki who dominated him in the finals.

One problem with Wagner is that he just looks really stupid a lot of the time. Like, someone needs to tell him to not be such a mouthbreather while on the court. It’s not a good look, and if you do it too much, it affects your facial structure. PERMANENTLY. He’ll look like a mongoloid (is that an offensive term now? I can’t keep track) forever if he keeps this up.

With the Lakers playoff hopes now almost entirely gone, there’s no reason why they can’t start trying to rebuild their chemistry with some of the spare chemistry their G-League guys have from playing together. Guys like Wagner, Caruso, throw Bonga in there too. Forget about all the vets. Lakers fans want to see some players who will play with heart.

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