Will Barton 23 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

It’s safe to say that, according to the national media, nothing occurred in this Lakers/Nuggets matchup other than LeBron passing MJ. I already bemoaned this fact in my last video for Alex Caruso’s career-high 15 points, but allow me to continue bemoaning.

Because here’s the deal: Will Barton totally DOMINATED the Lakers in this game, sure he only scored 23 points, but don’t get it wrong, this was a domination. His points were demoralizing. He scored 6 before the game even really got going as the crowd chanted “BAR-TON BAR-TON” (they didn’t but how sweet would it have been if they did?). He then got some more buckets in the first to extend the Nuggets’ lead to near-insurmountable levels. The Lakers did surmount that lead, but then he got a huge block on some random Lakers scrub. That was it for the game right there, I think. The way he held the ball out after the rejection? Pure class.

He also had a bunch of assists, but since three of them were totally lame non-assists, you have to miss out on his lookaway dime for a dunk. Sorry, but I don’t have the time, unless it’s a Jokic video, to show a bunch of crappy passes that eventually lead to buckets after a few dribbles and some seconds of standing around.

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