Johnathan Williams 18 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2019)

I could copy and paste my last description for Moritz Wagner and it would still work perfectly for Johnathan Williams, except in Williams’ case the blowhard ESPN announcers did notice what he was doing on the court and acknowledge it more than a handful of times. A TL;DR: Lakers screwed this season up, didn’t play their young guys enough, and I really, really want Isaac Bonga to start doing stuff right now because he isn’t going to be the youngest player in the league forever and I want him to score 20 before the season is over.

Just a few days ago I was wondering what happened to this guy. This “Johnathan Williams”. He got a decent amount of minutes right at the start of the season, did some good things despite being raw as heck, and then he just disappeared. POOF. Just like that. Not a small poof. A big, aggressive POOF, and he was gone.

And now he’s back. Where he went, no one knows. Some say that there is a miraculous basketball league full of nothing but scrubs called the “Jee League” and that that is where Williams went, but I don’t believe them. I would definitely know about a whole league that was scrubs and role-players only, because I would definitely be making highlights of that league instead of this one where the players are actually good.

Like his bro Wagner, Williams had the best game of his career by far tonight. Al Horford is really good against Joel Embiid, but he just couldn’t deal with this pair of rookies cooking him all night long. Which leads me to my trade suggestion: Wagner and Williams for Embiid. Straight up. The process isn’t dead yet!

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