Nikola Mirotic 18 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2019)

One of the deals when you sign up to play with the Bucks this year is that you are not going to score the amount of points you would on another, less talented team. I don’t think there’s a player on the roster, besides Giannis Antetokounmpo (and maybe not even him), who is utilizing their full talent in the art of getting buckets. There’s just way too many dudes who can make shots, and until the NBA implements by ground-breaking and revolutionary idea for increasing the excitement and intensity of games, there is only one ball. Just like Hedo Turkoglu said before he became a mouthpiece for a… not gonna finish that sentence. I’ve learned my lesson.

What I’m getting at here is that we are not going to see the scoring explosions from Nikola Mirotic in Milwaukee like we saw from him in New Orleans. If he gets really hot from three, maybe he’ll score a good amount, but that’s the only scenario. He’s still scoring at about the same rate as he used to be, but his minutes are way down; in addition to there only being one ball there are still only 48 minutes of available game time.

Which sucks, because I really liked D.J. Wilson and now he’s been pushed out of the rotation entirely due to there not being any minutes left. Mirotic is way, way better at offense (mainly because his three-ball gets more than 6 inches above the rim at its highest point), but I’m sensing that he’s not at Wilson’s level defensively. Do the Bucks even need more offense? That’s a question that I sometimes ponder, and the answer is probably “yes”. It’s going to be insane when Kevin Durant signs in the offseason.

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