Trae Young Triple Double 23 Pts/10 Rebs/11 Asts Full Highlights (3/9/2019)

From a pure field-goals-made perspective (the only perspective that I am capable of coming from), this Trae Young highlight video is not worth your time. Despite scoring 23 points and getting a triple-double (surprisingly, the first of his career), he only made four field goals out of fourteen attempts. Since made field goals comprise 90% of what I feature on my channel, making a video that contains so few of them is anthetical to my channel’s goals.

It is a comforting thought to me, and maybe a satisfying thought to Trae Young fans, that Young will likely graduate from my channel at the end of the season. More than a decade will then pass between Young’s graduation from DTB and his re-entry as a declining old man at age 33. That’s thirteen seasons, give or take a few, where I won’t be making any Trae Young highlight videos at all, except for the obligatory end-of-season dunkilations.

That’s assuming, of course, that the medium of “NBA highlight videos” still exists in a recognizable form and that I’m still making such videos, even if they’re actually 4D VR holograms hooked directly into your visual cortext that allow you to roam around the court in real time as the plays occur. That technology is going to make our current “watch 2D video on a flat screen” technology look like two cavemen banging rocks together while grunting and scratching themselves.

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