Pat Connaughton 14 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2019)

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: it sucks to be a Bucks-themed highlights channel who specialized in scrubs and role-players while the Bucks themselves are actually good. This was a lot more fun when everything sucked, including all the players, and I could do all the Khris Middleton highlights I wanted. Now he’s a frickin’ All-Star, Eric Bledsoe should’ve been one as well, and oh yeah, the Greek (or Nigerian, if he wants) guy taking up all the possessions is a god-damn MVP candidate. Winning is fun, but watching Carlos Delfino score 30 and Drew Gooden get triple-doubles was possibly more fun. At least for me. I can’t even tell if I’m being sarcastic.

Hence this video. I have to take any chance I can to make highlights for the scrubbier Bucks players, since the bulk of the scoring comes from the mostly-now-ineligible-for-my-channel starters. Who knows when the next time would be for some of these guys? I would probably make a vid for D.J. Wilson scoring 4 points at this point (I can’t believe the corpse of Pau Gasol is taking his minutes).

Pat Connaughton gets to play a decent amount, but since he sucks at threes now (good on him for keeping on chucking them though, love the confidence), he never gets to score a decent amount of points. Hard for him to dunk 6 times a game even with his athleticism. He did hit his threes in this game, going 4-for-4, something we could’ve predicted after he converted that little handoff for a triple that Giannis likes to run. Normally it’s Snell receiving those passes, and I didn’t think anyone else on the team was even allowed to try them.

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