Tomas Satoransky 17 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/11/2019)

Ever since John Wall got injured, I’ve been trying to figure out what the Wizards’ long-term plans are. Since plans for the team as a whole are completely opaque to me at this point (playoffs? tanking? neither? both?), I’m mostly just thinking about their plans at the point guard position since that’s easier for me to get a handle on.

Tomas Satoransky is obviously the PG for the rest of this season. But he’s an upcoming free agent and he’s shown more than enough with the Wizards that another team might be looking at him either as a starter or as a premier backup. Do the Wizards resign him on a short deal to have him play out the rest of Wall’s injury? Or do they let him walk since their financial situation can’t absorb any more large-contract players? What does Sato even make on the open market? Seven mil per year? Ten? Twelve? Why is every sentence in this description a question?

What about Wall himself? Do the Wizards trade him if the opportunity comes up? Not that I think his contract is very tradeable, but if the Wizards take on a shorter-term load of totally useless overpaid players (to hang out with Ian Mahinmi), maybe, MAYBE they can pawn him off to some other team. If they think they can do this, do they make Sato the PG of the future? Is he good enough to be the long-term solution for a team at point guard?

Maybe they’ll go out in free agency and find another stopgap PG. Maybe they’ll draft one (do they have picks?). Maybe they’ll sign Brandon Jennings again and see if he can make finger guns at opposing players like he did that one time. Maybe they’ll drag Drew Gooden out of the broom closet, dust him off, and have him handle the ball for fifteen minutes a game like he always wanted. Maybe Ernie Grunfeld can play a bit of PG. Maybe DTB All-Star Tim Frazier can make a triumphant return to the nation’s capital and get hella double-doubles from now until the end of time. There’s a lot of options here.

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