Collin Sexton 26 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2019)

This is the second day in a row where a Collin Sexton highlight video was the first video on my unpublished (in fact, un-written-down) list of highlight videos to make. This isn’t preferable to me (I would rather make Nemanja Bjelica videos first thing every night), but I can’t help it that Sexton decided to have two games in a row where he actually played well. That’s all on him. And there is absolutely no way for me to change the order of my nightly “highlights priority” list. It is totally immutable. If I reordered it I would literally go insane. That’s how ingrained my intuition of “highlights priority” is.

What I like about Sexton is that he hasn’t quite figured out how to draw as many fouls as other high-scoring point guards in the league. That means, when he scores a highlight-worthy amount of points, he’s doing it by going out there and getting hella buckets. He also rarely gets a highlight-worthy amount of assists, which is great for me because I’d much rather watch a player get buckets himself rather than pass the ball to people who then get buckets (if that makes any sense).

You wanna know another reason how I know that Sexton is a straight-up bucket-getter and nothing else? Since mid-November, he’s only had one game where he attempted fewer than ten shots. Is that the “Mamba Mentality”? I bet it is.

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