Bryn Forbes 19 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2019)

I remember like it was yesterday when Bryn “Forbearance” Forbes, in his rookie season, randomly dropped 27 points in an April game. For a guy who was only getting pity minutes from Popovich at that point, 27 was unbelievable. Literally unable to be believed. Since my life is, generally, a dismal series of events which blur together into a singular depressive haze, that 27-point game from Forbes was probably the best thing that happened to me that year. And it didn’t even really happen “to” me. I just got to be alive while it happened and then I made a highlight video for the performance.

Now that Forbes is a real contributor on the Spurs, and not just some rookie scrub who exploded for a ton of points one time, it’s hard for me to dredge up that same level of excitement. Honestly, Forbes is one of my favorite young shooters in the league, but the mind-blowing levels of hype and intensity? Not there anymore. He just goes out and does his business as the fourth(?) option. I dig it, but I wish he would have another game that grabs me and screams “DTB, your life just got measurably more tolerable because of this guy you’ve never met scoring 35 points. The drudgery of existence has temporarily been eased, and the release of pressure will allow you to examine your inner self and determine conclusively that you do still have a soul, even if it has been crushed and mangled by the passage of time.”

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