Derrick White 23 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2019)

Derrick “Am I Kawaii Uguu~” White scored eleven points in the final six minutes of this game to save the Spurs from an embarrassing loss to the Hawks. The terms “hero” and its adjectival form “heroic” get thrown around too much these days, but I can say without shame that Derrick White as a heroic hero who displayed heroic amounts of heroism in willing his team to beat back the unexpectedly feisty Hawks.

Again, I have to wonder what will happen when Dejounte Murray comes back from his injury next season. Both White and Murray have shown significant upside at the point guard position and both of them are serious candidates for the “Official Spurs PG Going Forward” crown. If Pop’s not around to keep everybody humble and bought-in to the team concept, I could see things getting feisty, if not hairy or snippy.

White’s in a good position to ensure that there are no conflicts. Remember, he’s the uninjured one. He moves freely and without encumberance. It would be trivially easy for him to re-injure Murray by ambushing him in his hospital bed using a metal baseball bat, and Murray wouldn’t be able to get away because he’s injured. Murray also wouldn’t be able to give chase in order to likewise injure White. I’m not saying that this is what White should do, I’m just saying if it happens, don’t be surprised.

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