Kent Bazemore 26 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2019)

Kent Bazemore needs to remember that the Hawks have a seriously heavy-duty tank rolling right now, and the goal is to roll right into the land of Zion. Zion Williamson, that is. Being part of the tank squad carries with it certain responsibilities, the most crucial of which is being mindful to not score enough points to accidentally win a game.

The Hawks collectively forgot this lesson when they beat the Bucks a few games ago, although, in that one, Bazemore did his part by going 2-of-11 from the field. They also seem to have forgotten their duty for large stretches of this game against the Spurs, a game during which they ill-advisedly held a lead.

It’s cool how Bazed God wants to show off how he can still be a viable 3-and-D wing in today’s league, but he could have definitely picked a better time and place to show off those skills than in this game, which the Hawks absolutely did not want to win under any circumstances. He could just as easily have made a YouTube video containing clips of him hitting three-pointers and playing defense. The three-pointer clips could even be sourced from my own videos if he wanted. Then teams could just watch that video instead of looking at the box-score for this game and seeing the large amount of points he scored (points which almost resulted in a disastrous win for the Pac-Man Birds).

And if Bazemore needs some help editing a personalized highlight video for self-promotion purposes, my rates are very reasonable at $500 an hour (plus tip).

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