Jarred Vanderbilt 10 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2019)

It’s shameful for me to admit, as a supporter of all scrubs in the NBA, but this is the part of the season where I start losing track of which ten-day players are on which teams and which two-way players have been called up. A lot of names come and go without so much as showing up in a box-score and it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

Jarred Vanderbilt predates this end-of-season madness. This is his fourteen in-game appearance, which the first one being in early February before the All-Star break. His name was more firmly entrenched in my mind than all the randos that have been popping up recently, but I still didn’t know anything about him. What did he look like? What position did he play? Was he good? Did he have a jumper? I didn’t know any of those things. Now, with the creation of this highlight video, I have had some of those questions answered, and it is my hope that, by your watching this video, you too will be given the answers you seek.

With reverence, I take the VHS tape containing this highlight video into my highlights archivium. There, among the endless stacks of tape, carefully alphabetized for the perusal of future scholars, I locate the Fred VanVleet videos. To the left of these videos, I slide in the tape for Jarred Vanderbilt. It glows a soft blue when it is put into place; it knows that it has found its proper home in the archivium.

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