Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 23 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2019)

I have, in all my years of making Kentavious Caldwell-Pope highlight videos, never actually gotten hyped for him. Even on the few occasions where he scored thirty-plus points, I don’t remember ever feeling even a twinge of hype anywhere in my body. There’s nothing about him that excites me.

Since the Lakers aren’t going to the playoffs this season, Luke Walton should try to feature KCP enough in the offense that I feel hyped for him. Since we’ve already determined that thirty points isn’t going to cut it in terms of getting that delicious hype flowing through my veins, I’m thinking a forty-burger needs to happen.

It will take some sacrifices. Nobody else will get to shoot the ball while KCP is on the court chucking his way to forty. He’ll have Rondo feeding him good looks, and there will still be ball movement, but the end goal of every possession will be a shot attempt by KCP. There’s no guarantee that all these buckets will even have the desired effect (me getting hyped), but it must be attempted. If forty doesn’t do it, maybe fifty will. And, if not fifty, then a hundred. You would have to be a soulless automaton to not get hyped for a 100-point game, even if it is KCP doing it and not somebody fun like Troy Daniels.

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