Devonte’ Graham 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

As far as I can figure it, here’s where the Hornets’ point guard situation stands as their hopes for the playoffs dwindle to basically nothing:

-Kemba Walker is still the starter. Bolstering the second unit by moving Kembert to the bench would be a bold, but ill-advised move.
-Devonte’ Graham has an extra apostrophe in his name, but that doesn’t help his scoring as much as I think it should. He’s had some decent games this season, but has been a very poor shooter overall. Chris Paul comparisons are premature but not necessarily invalid.
-Tony Parker is dead. That’s the only valid explanation for why he hasn’t played at all in the past two weeks. I’m thinking he overdosed on stinky cheese – that’s a top-five leading cause of death in a full two-thirds of France’s provinces.
-Shelvin Mack is apparently still on the team, but has only played in four games. I still think he’s a decent player, maybe better than Graham, but he’s old now and doesn’t warrant the minutes.
-Bismack Biyombo is not a point guard, so I’m a bit confused as to why I thought he should be on the list. Well, it’s too late to remove him now.

So, that’s where the Hornets are at. Graham looks like he could become a decent backup at some point, but I don’t think he’s quite there yet. The visual similarity to De’Aaron Fox helps his case and teams could always use somebody whose hair physically resembles a firework (see: Robin Lopez).

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