Richaun Holmes 16 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

Richaun “Rich Holmie Chaun” Holmes is like the next generation JaVale McGee. He doesn’t get a lot of minutes, but when he does get in the game, he’s the world’s most willing alley-oop catcher. He’s also like McGee in that we don’t really know how good he is because he’s never been given a role that matches his scoring efficiency, rebounding ability, and inclination towards destructive shot-blocking.

That could change at the end of the Suns’ season, since they are pretty short-handed when it comes to playable big men. DeAndre Ayton is out. Dragan Bender isn’t out, but he might as well be, given how much production you can be expected to wring out of him. Do they even have any other bigs on the active roster? I’m scanning through my mental list of Suns players and they’re all guards. Can they sign Alan Williams again for old times’ sake?

All this bodes well for Holmes and his production. Even when playing with mediocre distributors, he finds ways to be productive and score the ball. If he gets thirty-plus minutes for the rest of the season, I wholeheartedly anticipate at least one twenty-point game from him. I mean, Booker’s out too. Who else is gonna score the ball? Ray Spalding? LOL (lots of laughs)

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