Al-Farouq Aminu 23 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2019)

This is a season-high for Al-Farouq Aminu. Didn’t this guy used to be good? You can argue that he’s still good, but I feel like there was a time, a few years ago, where 23 points was not an especially notable performance for him. And now it’s a season high? Perhaps I, affected severely by the mind-altering affects of my ludicrously overclocked microwave, hallucinated all those times Aminu had way more points than this. But I don’t think so. The powers that be may have deleted all the evidence of Aminu’s prior scoring exploits from YouTube (my old channel is never coming back by the way so don’t get your hopes up) but the VHS tapes in my Archivium remain in mint condition. I’m too lazy to go all the way down there and find them, though.

But I don’t even need to, because basketball-reference has got my back and it says that Aminu has scored this many points or more in a Blazers uniform in like 4 or 5 games, plus a playoff game where he had 30. I think that’s what I’m thinking of. That 30-point playoff game which is more points than any regular-season game he’s had. Okay, so maybe 23 points is pretty good for him. I should’ve made this video quicker, but hey, there were 14 games and I had to make some hard choices, okay? What does it matter that this video came out almost a full day after the performance it purports to showcase? There were tons of other YouTube videos to watch while you wait. What’s the stat? Like 40 hours of footage uploaded every minute or something? Just watch some of that, there’s bound to be a few gems amidst all the raw sewage.

But back to Aminu. Kind of like the last few Salah Mejri highlights, this is surprisingly sick. He did a lot of cool stuff in this game. He had a dunk. He had a behind-the-back dribble leading to a crossover. He had threes. He had layups. Those words don’t really do justice to what actually happened, so I think we’re done here. No more words. Whose dumb idea was it to type out a whole bunch of words anyway?

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