JaVale McGee 22 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (4/7/2019)

In the past, I have revered and cherished the unforgettable Andre Miller/JaVale McGee lob connection. Something about being in the formative years of my NBA fandom, watching a slow old man throw endless alley-oops to a bouncy young dude, was life-altering for me. So it is with great regret that I have come to the conclusion that any half-competent point guard can throw enough oops to McGee to forge an equivalent lob connection to the Miller/McGee days of old.

I say this because McGee can catch a lob from anybody who’s able to throw a lob. He knows how to run that pick and roll very well, and he’s still got enough springiness in his legs to make himself a big, easy-to-hit target. He’s such an easy target that if you put me in an empty gym with him, I could definitely hit him for alley-oops at least 20% of the time. Don’t underestimate how terrible of a passer I can be. I’m pretty much only good for hitting jumpshots and then running back on defense while my lazy teammates just walk around panting like they’ve never played full-court before.

Speaking of panting, did McGee ever actually have ashtma or was that just an excuse concocted by Warriors fans who were trying to shield Steve Kerr from criticism? Because McGee’s doing a lot of running and jumping out there for long periods of time, and I didn’t see him pull out his inhaler even one time. And I’m sure the microphones would have easily picked up his high-volume asthmatic wheezing if it had been present.

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