Trey Burke 24 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2019)

You know, things just seemed a lot more fun with Trey Burke when he was on the Knicks. Maybe he’s been actually better for the Mavericks, but I don’t care about that. I care about FUN, and his ultra-fun redemption story in New York where he looked and played like Allen Iverson reincarnated took a big hit when he got traded. These Mavericks fans, they have no special connection to him, they weren’t the ones who saw him get dragged out of the Euro trash heap and magically transmuted into a 40-burger-dropping monster with a headband.

I think he’s a free agent this offseason. I hate to keep talking about players’ contract situations, but all of a sudden I’m realizing that there’s all these sweet players who are gonna need a contract this offseason and I like thinking about which crappy teams will sign them thinking they’ll be better than they are. For Burke, I want that crappy team to be the Knicks. It could also be the Suns, but it really should be the Knicks. Dennis Smith Jr. isn’t even good, as far as I can tell. Can we undo that part of the Porzingis trade? Just get DSJ back on the Mavs and Burke on the Knicks and everything will be back like it should be.

If it’s any consolation to me, there is, among the countless gajillions of alternate universes, countless billions of universes where Burke is not only on the Knicks, but scoring 50 points per game. Small consolation though, because the DTB in those universes is getting super pissed at the amount of Burke vids he has to make.

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