DTB’s Best NBA Dunks of the Month (March/April 2019 Dunkilation)

Here’s the deal: March and April got a combined dunkilation because April’s would have been too short otherwise. However, this resulted in me tragically having to remove two minutes’ worth of dunks to get under YouTube’s limit. However, this leaves only the sickest and most vile dunks to remain, so it’s not all bad. It’s like a highly-concentrated dunk elixir that will either invigorate you or put you in a coma.

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0:00 I thought Livingston was the one with knee issues, but it totally looks like Griffin’s knees are the ones exploding here.

0:52 I cannot support the watering-down of the term “Tomahawk”. He barely brought it back behind his head. Is there an oversight committee I can write to?

0:57 It really seemed like the word “beautiful” was going to be used to describe Mason Plumlee.

1:01 Not getting the hat reference. Was the dunk so powerful that it knocked off Len’s theoretical hat? So confused.

1:06 Baynes is all of Australia. You would know this if you looked at him in the shower.

1:24 It’s gonna be great to see LeBron pull off sick dunks in the playoffs. Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHA

1:47 I honestly thought that Corey Brewer died on this dunk. The way he’s flailing his legs, completely out of control, on the way down. The way he lands on his head/neck area and sort of limply folds over. The way the Cavaliers bench reacts in shocked horror. It’s legitimately frightening, but there’s some Kings fans on the baseline who keep on clapping like they weren’t ten feet away from somebody actually dying.

1:54 Steve Ballmer celebration-ilation incoming.

2:12 I really wish “The Rod-Show” was a more viable nickname.

2:23 Obviously, Cheick Diallo’s dunk wasn’t that exciting from a technical point of view, but he posed, so he’s in. Plain dunkers of the NBA should take note: this is how you are granted entry into my dunkilations.

2:47 Kleber dunked it so hard that he shattered his wrist on the rim.

2:55 You know that Stacey King’s not going to miss a chance to tell jokes at Ray Spalding’s expense.

3:21 There’s thirty seconds of Moe Harkless dunks here. If for some reason you hate that guy, skip to 3:55.

4:07 Georges Niang tries to crawl away from the carnage, but in doing so, leaves his final shred of dignity behind.

4:13 Doug Christie’s always good for some satisfying moans and groans. “UNNNH”

4:36 Ah yes, the “One Hand Job”. You don’t even have to read between the lines to get sexual connotations out of that one.

5:00 People who steal passes shouldn’t get rewarded with dunkilation appearances, but my sense of morality is basically gone at this point.

5:24 More Doug Christie grunts. “UNGH!” The Jamaican accent afterwards is inexplicable.

5:50 A Skal Labissiere putback slam off a Gary Trent miss could only happen in the final game of the season.

6:01 Seems like a good candidate for “thrunk of the month”, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

6:16 I agree with the commentary. You can clearly see on the replay that KAT’s cock was all the way in Iowa.

6:28 The correct quote is “Thank you sir, may I have another?” This literary illiteracy is making me SMH my damn head.

6:46 This is like rewatching a horror movie and getting sad because you know your favorite character is going to die later.

6:52 It wouldn’t be a dunkilation without one dude flagrantly rubbing their danglers all over another dude’s body. Also, the Dikembe Mutombo impression is on point, but somewhat misplaced.

6:57 The commentary that came after this alleged this dunk to be the best of Favors’ career. As somebody who has seen and compiled many of Favors’ best dunks, I can categorically state that this is not the best dunk of Favors’ career.

7:20 In the midst of the Lakers’ meltdown, I totally forgot Brandon Ingram existed for at least three weeks.

7:43 The only entertaining thing that John Crotty said all season was a sultry “NAAASTY”

8:12 Quick Quiz: who is getting dunked on here? Hint: it’s not Jakob Poeltl. Hint two: it’s not Pau Gasol. Hint three: it’s not Donatas Motiejunas. Or is it? Hint four: even if you read the name on the jersey, you might not be able to figure it out.

8:45 You can see Eric Moreland wishing he had stayed on the Pistons. In that alternate timeline, he doesn’t get his soul reaped by Drummond’s disrespectful pony-ride of a dunk.

9:00 The amount of replays for this dunk was insufficient. I tried to make my own replays out of construction paper and crayons, but it didn’t really work out.

9:06 Still not the Thrunk of the Month. Just wait.

9:15 Maker wanted in on this one bad. He just jumped right in there as if he wasn’t in enough posters already.

9:24 Thrunk of the Month. Thrunk of the Year. Thrunk of Eternity. Nobody got dunked on and it wasn’t even really a dunk, but still…damn. DAMN!

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