Boban Marjanovic 13 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (4/13/2019)

The Philly Phaithful spent a considerable amount of their time in this game booing their own team. Given that certain players on the team didn’t quite play up to expectations, I don’t disagree with the boos. Boos will never make a team play better, but they’ll make the fans feel better, and since basketball is for the fans, anything that improves their mood is a good thing. Giving up, for example, a 15-0 run to a Nets team that is supposed to be worse than you is frustrating to the point that we should be glad Philly fans didn’t throw batteries at their own players and purposely puke on children.

I can say with certainty, though, that nobody in that arena was booing Boban Marjanovic specifically. He wasn’t the one out there being all disappointing and bad. In his fifteen minutes of court time, he scored thirteen points and dished out four assists, accounting for 21 point total, or one-fifth of the Sixers’ final total. In no way was the Sixers’ loss his fault.

Besides, if you did decide to boo directly into Boban’s face and he caught you in the act, you would not only feel immediate fear for your life, but you would also feel immense shame as well, because Boban is a gentle soul who does not deserve such mistreatment. He also possesses fists that are larger than the average human’s head, so a direct punch from him would not only be painful, it would possibly be life-ending as well.

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