Caris LeVert 23 Points Full Highlights (4/13/2019)

It must be an immensely powerful feeling to be able to make a home crowd boo their own team not once, not twice, but three separate times. Twice on three-pointers, once on a driving dunk from the three-point line, Caris LeVert made bigtime plays that caused bigtime butthurt for all Philthydelphia fans in attendance. As the boos rained down, LeVert got to feel like the alpha dog, the single man responsible for causing so much angst. I imagine it’s like crossing over somebody at the park so hard that all his friends watching from the sidelines start roasting him. I’ve never actually crossed over anybody other than myself, so I don’t know what that feeling would feel like, but I bet it’s similar to what LeVert was feeling as those sweet, sweet boos filled the arena.

I’m not the best guy at analyzing playup matchups (I leave that to the people who are attempting to gain journalistic cred by writing serious analytical pieces, as opposed to someone like me, who only writes garbage in order to trick people into clicking on my videos), so I’m not going to comment on what the Sixers need to do to neutralize LeVert in the upcoming games. It probably involves a combination of Jimmy Butler, carefully-placed banana peels, and deflated basketballs. But my meager analytical skills do allow me to say this: if LeVert continues to score twenty off the bench, the Sixers are in for a rough series. And if LeVert ups his game and scores fifty points per game off the bench, which is more likely than you would think, the Sixers should just pack it up and call it a season.

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