Derrick White 16 Points/5 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (4/13/2019)

There will come a time, I hope, when the Spurs aren’t good anymore. It may not be in my lifetime, but it will come. How many years in a row have they made the playoffs now? Way too many, and I bet for that whole time there were people like me just waiting for them to suck again.

Now, one win against a favored team doesn’t mean that they’re going to advance in the playoffs. But it is somewhat concerning for the Nuggets that the Spurs pulled this one out despite lackluster scoring performances from LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan. The Spurs have always relied on stars, but they have also consistently been able to get good production out of their role-players. I think that’s why they keep winning championships.

Derrick White was the role-player who stepped up a little bit in this one, maybe a lot bit depending on how much you value his steal at the end of the game. Remember, I don’t care about defense even if it is of the game-sealing variety. His poster dunk on Paul Millsap (early candidate for dunk of the playoffs) was worth, like, 10 of those steals. Just saying, and I think ESPN viewers agree with me, because we got a lot more replays of the dunk than the steal.

Also, did you know that White is from the Denver area? I don’t think they mentioned that at all during the broadcast, certainly not every play he was involved in or anything.

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