Torrey Craig 18 Points Full Highlights (4/20/2019)

My genius new viral hashtag, #TorreyCraigIsWelsh , has not taken off nearly as well as I’d have hoped. As of this writing, there is only one use of it on Twitter (thanks to the Twitter user whose name is, somewhat cryptically, just “matt”). For such a perfectly-formulated hashtag to see such levels of underutilization is insulting bordering on criminal. “Torrey Craig” is totally a Welsh-sounding name, and if Welsh people are tricked into thinking that Torrey Craig is one of their own, well, that only benefits everybody involved.

Maybe the hashtag will finally see some use now that Torrey Craig is officially a starter on the second-best team in the West. He replaced Will Barton in the starting lineup for this game and performed admirably, scoring eighteen points and hitting threes at a much higher rate than the clanktastic Barton. Now tell me, is that or is that not something that the Welsh people want to get in on? Wales would be taken seriously as a generator of basketball talent if they had a starter-quality NBA player come out of there. They would easily overtake Scotland (who’ve never generated an NBA player as far as I know), Ireland (ditto), and England (Joel Freeland wasn’t very good). Right now, the only thing Wales has going for it is they have some really crazy place names with a lot of consonants strung together (remember, the letter “W” is a vowel in the Welsh language, which means “Wales” is pronounced “Ooales”).

If this new hashtag is successful, I will introduce a complementary hashtag, #WilliamBartonIsBritish . And if both of those succeed, I’m expecting a personal check from Adam Silver written for no less than $100,000. Increasing the NBA’s visiblity on the British isles is no easy feat, except when DownToBuck is in charge. Then it’s easy peasy.

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