Ricky Rubio 18 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (4/22/2019)

The Jazz were on the verge of getting swept until Ricky “Spanish Sexy Eyes” Rubio decided to stop being “2019 Rubio” and instead was “VINTAGE Rubio”. Their backs were against the wall but Rubio didn’t feel any pressure as he ripped apart the Rockets’ lazy defense with precision passing and unexpected finishing ability. Rubio’s effort in this elimination game is a (sexy) testament to (sexy) endurance, (sexy) perseverance, and the (sexy) power of teamwork.

That’s the narrative, anyway. The reality is, Rubio was 6-of-17 from the field, his worst shooting performance (percentage-wise) of the playoffs so far. He took seven threes, but the only one he made banked off the glass. Clearly, his shooting was woeful, but he partially made up for it with his passing. Maybe there was some endurance and perseverance and teamwork going on, but the game mostly came down the Rockets’ role-players being more useless than usual.

I still fully expect the Jazz to lose this series, but they at least got their fans a win at home so that the season doesn’t feel like a total waste. Personally, I’m looking forward to stalking Rubio’s Instagram over the summer just in case he posts shirtless pics of himself at the beach. He’s really put together. He looks like ALL of Spain. Just don’t look into his sexy Spanish eyes or you might start questioning things that you thought never would be questioned.

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