Jae Crowder 23 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2019)

Rockets fans must be losing their minds right now. Jae Crowder, the guy who played like a huge dingleberry for the first three games of this series, got redonkulously hot in the first seven minutes of game four, scoring fourteen points in that timespan. He ended up with 23 for the game. Again, this is despite him being a complete rutabaga earlier in the series. That kind of unexpected scoring reaches a level of unfairness that would madden even the most staid fan.

Here are Crowder’s statlines from the first three games:

Game 1: 9 points, 1 of 9 shooting
Game 2: 5 points, 2 of 9 shooting
Game 3: 5 points, 1 of 3 shooting

Those are numbers that are concerning for Jazz fans, but a welcome sight for Rockets fans. If you’re the Rockets and you have to play defense against a guy who shoots that poorly, you’re not sweating at all. You’re doing whatever the opposite of sweating is. But, after this game, you have to treat Crowder like he’s a threat to score the ball even though you know that, most of the time, he’s not actually gonna score very many points.

Again, this is completely unfair. The Rockets shouldn’t have to account for Crowder being a scorer. Imagine how Jazz fans would feel if somebody like Austin Rivers came off the bench to score 23. They’d be so butthurt that no amount of buttcream could soothe their buttanger. That’s how Rockets fans (and players and coaches) feel right now.

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