Pascal Siakam 20 Points Full Highlights (5/2/2019)

The most exciting thing that Pascal Siakam did in this game is not even shown in this video. Clips of the incident are doubtlessly abundant all across the entirety of the Interbuttz, so I don’t even feel guilty or negligent for not having shown it.

The quick rundown is this: Pascal Siakam got totally stuffed at the rim by Joel Embiid, and Siakam probably felt like it was a foul (most NBA players think they get fouled on every layup attempt, and most NBA players also think that they’ve never fouled on a layup attempt), so, while he was crawling around on the ground like an infant, he stuck out his leg to try to trip Embiid.

That’s totally not cool at all because Embiid’s lower half is made primarily out of fiberglass insulation, bandaids, and bones sourced from unclaimed cadavers that the morgue was just going to throw out. If he lands even a little bit funny on his knees, ankles, feet, or hips, the question isn’t “is he going to get injured?” but “how many body parts are going to fall off?”. Siakam made a reckless play in the heat of the moment and he’s lucky that all he got was a flagrant foul and not a trip to the jailhouse for Aggravated Assault With Intent to Commit Bodily Harm. The judge isn’t going to buy his excuse that tripping is a traditional form of Cameroonian greeting.

I suppose Siakam had a decent game aside from the trip attempt, but that doesn’t even matter since the Raptors lost by over twenty. Him scoring in the twenties for the fourth straight game doesn’t have any bearing on the fact that my opinion of Siakam has been marginally, but permanently, lowered. He can do spin moves for the next hundred years and there will always be a part of me who can’t help but think, “this guy tried to end Embiid’s prime early because he was buttangry about a no-call.”

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