George Hill 21 Points Full Highlights (5/3/2019)

I had a very hard time focusing while making this video, and I’m having a very hard time focusing while writing this description, because the Blazers-Nuggets game is in its fourth overtime and I’m sleepy but I have to watch it to its conclusion. There’s not much time left but so much crazy stuff has gone down that I fully expect a fifth overtime, and then a sixth and seventh overtime as well. Overtimes forever! Who needs sleep?

…And it’s over. The Blazers win because Jokic choked on a free throw. I think he got more cardio that game than the entire first eighteen years of his life put together. But that’s over with now, and I can go back to focusing on the task at hand, which is typing meaningful words about a certain Bucks player named George Hill.

Hill stepped up big tonight, and it was good timing too, because Eric Bledsoe had a game that was so booty that it made Kyle Lowry look like Mila Kunis. While Bledsoe AKA Badsoe was chucking up shots that he shouldn’t take and being careless with the basketball, Hill was positioning himself perfectly for putbacks, driving effectively through the Celtics “defense”, and just generally showcasing the understated scoring ability that we all saw during his Pacers and Jazz days.

Remember, LeBron specifically chose George Hill last year to help bolster the Cavs’ roster and turn them into real championship contenders. “Y’all look so different” and all that. If Hill is good enough to be a starter on LeBron’s theoretical championship-winning team, he’s good enough to be the backup on the Bucks. Who are coincidentally also a championship-winning team.

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