Marcus Morris 18 Points Full Highlights (5/6/2019)

Wouldn’t it be great if Celtics fans could pin the playoff failures of their preferred team on somebody like Marcus Morris? I feel like there would be much less overall anguish if it was Morris who was responsible for the Celtics being in a 3-1 hole after four games.

That’s not the case, though. Morris has played well this series. Not exceptionally well, but as well as you could reasonably expect him to play. Basically, we’re getting early-season Morris here, and not the late-season Morris that sucked and couldn’t hit shots anymore. He’s regaining his mojo at the exact right time. He either found his lost reserves of mojo in a box under his bed, or he went to the mojo aisle at Walmart and stocked up on buckets of it for his baths. Because that’s how you absorb mojo into your body. You bathe in it.

Unfortunately, Kyrie Irving is losing his mojo at the exact wrong time, and his status as a “superstar” gets slightly less concrete with every dud game he puts up. Morris is known for his straightforward, no bullpoo demeanor and his ability to punch people really good; I don’t want to speculate unnecessarily, but Kyrie very well might have gotten a faceful of fist in the locker room after this game. All it would take is Kyrie making some kind of locker room speech about “team cohesion” and “overcoming challenges” and Morris would totally go off on him. Morris appreciates real, honest talk. Not pseudointellectual rambling from the king of wokeness.

If Kyrie shows up to the next game with a black eye and a busted lip, I expect everybody to come back to this video and leave a comment that says “DTB u were right bro”.

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