Kevon Looney 14 Points Full Highlights (5/10/2019)

It took Kevin Durant being injured, but the Warriors finally got a decent performance from one of their bench players. And that means I finally get to make a Warriors vid for someone other than Andre Iguodala who, by the way, I’m FRICKIN’ tired of. I don’t even like that dude. Not like I enjoy Kevon Looney’s game all that much, but there’s a certain novelty with him that there isn’t with Iggy.

Offensively, Looney doesn’t seem like he should ever be able to score the ball besides on putbacks. His athleticism isn’t anything notable, he only theoretically has range (I swear I saw him hit a baseline midrange jimbo this series but that may have been me remembering the time Dan Gadzuric [remember him Warriors fans probably not because none of you were around then] hit one for the Bucks in the playoffs a decade ago and then transplanting those fond memories onto Looney), and he doesn’t have much in the way of moves. Of course, now that I’ve typed that all out, you can watch this video and see that he CAN score, and not in the lamest way possible. His drive from the three-point line for a layup was, in my opinion, the best play of the series. That’s the kind of play that takes the wind out of the sails of the other team. How are you supposed to win when Looney is out there pretending he’s Giannis?

I just realized I probably should’ve included Looney’s block on Gerald Green’s three with 30 seconds left that helped seal the game for the Warriors. That was a key defensive play, and while I claim not to care about defense (which is true, don’t let YouTube conspiracy theorists tell you otherwise), it was notable enough to be included in this video. Problem was, it occurred after he scored all his points, so I kind of forget I had to keep going to see if he did anything else cool. So that’s my bad. Go watch DawkIns’ version of this video if you really want to see it. Oh wait.

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