Norman Powell 18 Points Full Highlights (5/21/2019)

Tonight, Norman “Bucks Killer” Powell once again made good on the promise of his nickname by KILLING the BUCKS. Sometimes players get a reputation for playing well against certain teams without really deserving it, but Powell definitely deserves his reputation. Because, every time he plays the Bucks, he plays like a beast.

P.S. I really, really hate Greivis Vasquez.

The impressiveness of this performance is somewhat lessened by the fact that Powell was six-of-eighteen from the field. When you have as many field goal attempts as you have points, that usually means that you didn’t have a particularly good game. It just means that you shot the ball like you were having a good game. But all that doesn’t in any way negate the fact that Powell KILLED the BUCKS with his scoring off the bench.

The good thing is, there’s only, at most, three more games left this season in which Powell can kill the Bucks. That’s gotta be a welcome solace for Bucks fans who are currently seeing this guy in their nightmares. Luckily, my nightmares are all about normal stuff (being trapped in a hotel with no exit, being trapped in a museum full of naked mannequins, being trapped in a creepy mansion where I open the refrigerator and Alaa Abdelnaby’s dismembered head is in it, combing my hair only to have it all fall out in clumps, being onstage for a band playing drums/guitar/whatever and then realizing I don’t know any of the songs, going back to my old high school but everything is dark and weird, being trapped in a room full of giant spiders, etc.) and not about basketball, so I won’t be seeing Powell in my dreams after I go to sleep. Hopefully.

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