Pascal Siakam 32 Points Full Highlights (5/30/2019)

Pascal Siakam didn’t play particularly well in the series against Milwaukee, scoring fourteen PPG per game on 40% shooting, a far cry from the 17 PPG per game on 55% shooting that he displayed during the regular season. I was thinking to myself “The inexperienced Siakam is not yet ready for the biggest stages that the NBA has to offer. In time he will succeed there, but that time is not yet upon us.”

Well, it turns out I’m a moron because Siakam just STEPPED UP on the biggest stage that the NBA has to offer, which is the Finals. He put Draymond Green and the rest of the Larriors ON NOTICE. He scored in every way possible. Whatever the Bucks did to semi-neutralize him, the Warriors weren’t doing that, or, if they were doing that, Siakam didn’t care.

When Siakam pulled up for that midrange jimbo, I inadvertently yelled “Swaggy P!”, which is the nickname of the recently departed Nick Young, who was known for his pullup jimbos and general swagginess. Is this the next phase of Siakam’s evolution? Turning from Spicy P into Swaggy P? There were a lot of things to dislike about Young’s game, but his confidence was not one of them (except when it was). The scoring talents of Spicy P combined with the swagger of Swaggy P could be a dangerous combination. Is it too late for the Raptors to sign new players?

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