Malcolm Brogdon 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (5/23/2019)

However this season turns out for the Bucks (not looking good TBQH), I just want to take the time to say thank you to Malcolm Brogdon for being a total beast this year. Maybe “total beast” is pushing it (that title would be more accurately applied to D.J. Wilson), but he’s been so damn consistent. 18 points is the most normal occurrence of this season for him. If he wasn’t scoring 18, he was scoring 17, or sometimes 16. All season long. Only injuries could stop him.

Then again, maybe I’m going to re-apply the “total beast” title to him because only beasts of the total variety are capable of joining the 50-40-90 club (still salty that Meyers Leonard doesn’t qualify due to some obscure stipulation about “volume” by the way). I’ve always thought that club was sort of arbitrary and not a very good indicator of the actual good shooters in the league, but now that Brogdon is in it, I’ve changed my mind. Brogdon has joined an elite pantheon of incredible players, with his name appearing next to ones like Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, and Mark Price.

I think he’s a restricted free agent this year, and I’m pretty sure some team is going to give him a huge contract that the Bucks will have to think hard about matching. You just know that some garbage Western conference team (Mavericks??????) will see his elite shooting and surprising finishing ability and give him the most money possible, which will be a lot. The Bucks have to match, right? Right? You can’t just dismantle an ECF team the year after you assembled it.

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