DTB’s Best NBA Dunks of the Playoffs (2018-2019 Playoff Dunkilation)

This year’s playoff dunkilation can be described in one word: “underwhelming”. I think this is mostly LeBron’s fault, because LeBron was always good for five or ten sick dunks during the playoffs. I also blame the last dunkilation I did, which was combined for March and April. That one was so sick that this one was never going to be able to keep up.

You know what? Let’s also blame the Warriors as a team for playing four whole series of playoff basketball but somehow failing to get even one dunk into this video. That kind of shameful dunking performance is why they didn’t win a ring. Just saying.

In the end, no matter the quality of the end product, I went through all the work of making the video, so now I have to upload it.. Enjoy. Or don’t.

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0:00 – I propose a new term for this type of missed dunk that still goes in: the “Munk”.

0:07 – These insets are so pointless. If you’re going to waste screen real estate like that, at least show one of my dunkilations instead of Kenny Atkinson’s scary demon face.

0:22 – I watched the whole Pistons-Bucks series and this is probably the only thing that Glenn Robinson III did the whole time.

0:36 – You can’t blame Meyers Leonard for doing the flex/chest-beating thing here. If I ever dunked on somebody in real life, I would showcase my nonexistent muscles for five minutes straight. While strutting.

0:40 – Giannis Antetokounmpo and executing in-game free-throw line dunks, name a more iconic duo.

0:58 – The secret behind this powerful dunk was DeRozan imagining that the rim was Masai Ujiri’s head.

1:21 – Ersan Ilyasova has a real knack for just sort of running into posters without even jumping.

1:28 – It’s hard to tell what Khris Middleton is reacting to here. I think he’s upset with himself that he threw such a garbage pass.

1:51 – Not shown: Drake giving Kawhi a sensual, oily shoulder massage during the next timeout.

1:59 – What is a “gas face”? The face you make when you get tear-gassed? Or are we talking about another type of gas here? Is he even saying “gas”?

2:06 – You can see Boban Marjanovic sitting on the bench thinking “I wouldn’t have let that happen.”

2:12 – Dunk man gets paid.

2:19 – The best-looking lobs are thrown by people who clearly don’t know how to throw a lob.

2:32 – Fun game: pause the video here and try to guess what Hubie Brown will say. I guessed “Hey, come on now,” but I was wrong.

2:48 – Not sure why Embiid did the “airplane arms” celebration after this one, considering he didn’t get very high off the ground (certainly not high enough to have flown like an airplane). Instead, he should have swung his arms around like windmills as he ran back up the court. That would have been more fitting.

3:11 – We don’t get enough “surprise dunks” like this one. Also, the commentary should have been “KaWHI…with the kaPOW”. Missed opportunity here. Please hire me as an announcer now, I promise not to call people scrubs unless they deserve it.

3:30 – Reggie Miller alleges that this dunk was “over a 7’1″ guy”. I allege that Thon Maker did not challenge the dunk effectively enough that the dunk could be considered “over” him. My allegation takes precedence over Miller’s because Miller is a known doo-doo head.

3:39 – The force of this dunk sent Derrick White’s hairline back another two inches. Another one of these and his hair puff is just going to fall off the back of his head.

3:49 – “Bringing the smoke” sounds like high-schooler slang for when your buddy Ryan sneaks a joint that he stole from his older brother in his backpack and you all smoke it after school.

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