JaVale McGee 18 Points/6 Dunks/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/13/2019)

JaVale McGee has had his career ruined by Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. Since I care about the plight of the role-player about 100x more than the so-called “plight” of the superstar, this situation is very upsetting to me. It’s doubly upsetting because McGee had the sickest dunkilation out of all of them last season, and now the quality of this year’s dunkilation is in jeopardy.

For reference, you can watch last year’s JaVale McGee dunkilation here:

McGee had it good last season. He was starting, he was catching lobs from LeBron, and he was not usually the scapegoat when fans were trying to figure out who was to blame for them not making the playoffs (hint: it was LeGroinInjury’s fault). Now, he’s still starting, but he’s gotta share the center position with Dwight Howard, who, I can grudgingly admit, deserves minutes, and there’s also this new tall dude in LA named Anthony Davis who wants to play PF but nevertheless uses up a lot of big man minutes that could be going to McGee. You can see that my belief that McGee’s career has been ruined is a justified belief.

Now, you might be saying, “But DEE TEE BEE, McGee is only playing six minutes per game fewer than he was last season! Nobody’s ruined anybody’s career in this situation!” And you would be correct, but you’re also wrong, because not all minutes are created equal (no time to explain), and you can see from the facts that McGee’s career is clearly ruined. The only resolution I see here is if Anthony Davis’ random collection of injuries turns into just one big body-wide injury that leaves him bedridden or even dead, thus freeing up more minutes for McGee to dunk absolutely everything.

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