Larry Nance Jr. 18 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2019)

I think we can now say, almost twenty games into the season, that Larry Nance Jr. has OFFICIALLY added a three-pointer to his game. It’s not just something he shoots once in a while that sometimes goes in. He shoots them multiple times per game at a 39% clip. He’s not high-volume or anything, but he’s not afraid to take them. That OFFICIALLY makes him a stretch four. You can add him to the list of stretch fours without qualms.

The only problem with Nance Jr.’s OFFICIAL new status as a stretch four is that hanging around the three-point line, by rule, takes him away from the paint. As everybody knows, the paint is where dunks are most likely to happen, and Nance Jr. is very proficient at dunks. His previous status as a dunker and his new status as a three-point shooter are at odds, and it’s up to him to figure out which one he wants to be, or if he’s both of them at different times, or if he’s both of them at the same time and I’m overthinking this way too much.

Maybe the solution is to dunk from the three-point line. That idea always gets thrown around as a joke, but do I look like I’m joking right now? No. I do not. If you could look into my highlights den right now you would see a man with a completely straight face and no trace of humor in his eyes.

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