Jaren Jackson 24 Points Full Highlights (12/20/2019)

Normally, when a player’s jumpshooting form is severely borked, I would advocate for them to break it down and rebuild it. In practice, relearning how to shoot a jumper is very difficult (hence the low success rate of jumpshot reformers), but I would still advocate for it. Somebody like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, for example, who has a low jumpshot success rate, should not be allowed to continue playing in the NBA with his form the way it is (although his string of DNP’s in Charlotte indicates that somebody out there agrees with me).

But there are some players who I will allow to continue to shoot in wonky ways. Shawn Marion and Kevin Martin are the two biggest names I’m thinking of. They were good enough scorers that forcing them to rebuild their respective jumpshots would just ruin their respective careers. And now I’m thinking about adding Jaren Jackson Jr. to that list.

JJJ is shooting nearly 40% from three despite having an almost Marion-esque push shot that is at least launched from his head area, but is nowhere near what anybody would call an “orthodox” shooting motion. Until he regresses and the shot is no longer working for him, we’re just gonna leave it how it is. It will forever be a source of ridicule, but the ridicule won’t matter when JJJ has established himself as a reliable three-point threat.

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