Serge Ibaka 23 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (12/20/2019)

Remember when I wrote these profound, accurate, and intelligent words in the description of a video uploaded just two days ago?

“Despite the Raptors’ success with the pick and roll, I feel like Ibaka’s ability to be a midrange assassin is not being used properly right now.”

Yeah. It’s obvious that somebody in the Raptors organization, or maybe even Serge Ibaka himself, is reading my video descriptions and taking them seriously. And they should be taken seriously, because they are all written with serious intent. After not making many midrange jimbos in his 25-point outing against the Pistons, Ibaka came into this one with a plan in mind: destroy the Wizards with nonstop midrange jimbos like the good old days in OKC. And the result was a shooting performance that had more splashes than a waterpark filled with elementary schoolers.

Ibaka also destroyed the Wizards with some huge blocked shots, but I would say that, in most situations, a wet midrange jimbo is way more demoralizing than a shot that gets blocked into the stratosphere. A wet midrange jimbo, and especially a series of wet midrange jimbos, means that your defense sucks and is getting exposed. A single blocked shot just means that you misjudged where the defender was. It happens to everybody.

Now that I know with 100% certainty that some high-up powers in the Raptors org are reading these things, expect me to start pulling the strings very soon. Norman Powell to the Bucks for Sterling Brown so that Powell can’t kill the Bucks in the playoffs? It’s more likely than you think when puppet master DTB is calling the shots.

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