Aron Baynes 20 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2020)

The Suns’ hot start, fueled by the excellent play of Aron Baynes, was always unsustainable. We knew that. But is it wrong to want to believe?

Baynes got injured, the Suns immediately started losing a fair amount of games, he came back, and somehow they started losing games at an even quicker pace. Baynes himself hasn’t declined TOO much since his hot start (it seems like he scores 12 every god-damn game), but he is the nearest and most convenient scapegoat I can find right now, so I’m going to blame him for all the Suns’ problems. Him and Igor Kokoskov, who is probably still messing up the team somehow. Also Richaun Holmes, for not being on the team anymore and infecting everything with his virulent hustle.

Realistically, the main problem of the Suns is that they’re relying on Baynes being good to help them win. I mean, you want your players to be good, obviously, but it’s JUST Baynes. He’s not going to a main engine of a team, or even a secondary engine. Maybe tertiary. Australians may disagree with me, but they also are probably dealing with a certain natural disaster that is currently unfolding to challenge my opinion.

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