Terrence Ross 25 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2020)

Damn, what even happened here? The Magic (bad team, okay, mediocre team) just seriously put the hurt on the Heat (good team). I’m going to have to find some time to rewatch this one, if only to see the Heat score a whopping SIX points in the entire fourth quarter (and two of those were a layup with 23 seconds left with no one playing defense). Isn’t the record low for a quarter 4 points? BRB, going to check out whatever sites Heat fans congregate on and enjoy their tears.

I’m back! The tears were delicious. They are so mad right now, also a lot of sad. I swear, sometimes it feels like seeing fanbases implode after bad games is the most fun part of the NBA.

Terrence Ross wasn’t on the court for most of that quarter, which is probably fine, because he’s not one to play a whole ton of defense. He’s a scorer first, second, and third, and he got all of his scoring done quick so that the Magic didn’t even need him to finish the game out. With how despondent the Heat players were as they repeatedly failed to score, he might have been able to put up 40 on them, but he’s a classy dude. No need to torment your opposition when they are tormenting themselves just fine.

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