Chandler Hutchison Career High 21 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (1/29/2020)

After Chandler Hutchison had blown through his previous career-high of 13 points and then dunked on back-to-back possessions in the fourth quarter to force the Pacers to call a desperation timeout, Stacey King incredulously wondered out loud if he was witnessing the ghost of Scottie Pippen.

No, you moron. Obviously you weren’t seeing the ghost of Scottie Pippen. I shouldn’t have to remind you that ghosts are transparent, so any entity with a body that is solid in appearance is not a ghost. What you were seeing was the SOUL of Scottie Pippen having taken control of Chandler Hutchison’s body.

While Scottie Pippen’s soul was making a visitation to Chandler Hutchison in order to give him the confidence necessary to be more aggressive in scoring the ball, Scottie Pippen’s body was a limp ragdoll that breathed and blinked but otherwise did nothing to indicate that intelligence was flowing through its neuronal network. Luckily, he was just chilling out at home by himself, so nobody called the police or anything. Totally worth it for Hutchison to finally have a game that makes you think “this guy could be a real player in the league”.

Where do I apply to have the souls of NBA players take residence in my body? I want to dominate pick-up games. It doesn’t even have to be a good NBA player. Even having the soul of John Lucas III in my body would allow me to look like prime MJ out there.

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